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    1. Global&Total Solution Creating future by providing best solutions for our clients "Let's Find Shirai" Our quality adds value to society Integrated Production Shortens delivery time from design, prototype to mass production with the latest equipment and production lines Global Network Our global locations contribute to our customers worldwide. For Global Sustainability Mother earth is the source of our lives. We contribute to society with our eco-friendly production. Shirai makes a difference to pass down our nature to the next generation by taking initiatives in environmental management in which the environment and profitable business will coexist.

      Our Strength

      We are the only one company which has both PCB manufacturing business & visual inspection machine/solution business. 1. For each production stage of design, prototype and mass production,  we provide the best solution for each customer from our global locations. 2. Taking advantage of Shirai being a PCB manufacturer, visual inspection & solution department provides sophisticated solution by suggesting both our in-house products and OEM products.

      PCB Business
      • Only 22 hours from data reception to production completion
      • Suggestion of changing production method to screen Printing and suggestion of multi function PCB
      • Global network and production facilities in China
      VISPER(Inspection Machine) & Solution Business
      • Development and sales of visual inspection machine "VISPER" and other PCB production equipments
      • Provide solution to worldwide PCB manufacturers with our global support system
      Flexible Transparent PCB


      About Us

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      Online Store PCB related items Item lineups are all PCB related

      Visual Inspection Machine for PCB VISPER

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