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    1. Our Vision

      Our Credo

      學 Study<
      働 Work
      悠 Relax
      遊 Play

      Our Vision

      Each of us will strive with passion to be better,
      and together we will create the better and bright future
      to contribute to society and customers, and ultimately contribute to the prosperity of the company and individual life

      Our Policy

      • Customer Contribution
        Think about the needs and satisfaction of the customers
      • Quality Assurance
        Be responsible and produce quality products
      • Technological Development
        Always pursue new technology and new business domain
      • International Company
        Develop international market to contribute to the world
      • Mutual Trust
        Act with emotional sense and generosity
      • Self Train
        Set your goal and achieve it
      • Social Contribution
        Utilize your ability to contribute to society

      Corporate Strategy

      Make Business Robust to Take Risk for the Future

      Business Domain & Concept

      Global expansion of PCB business and its related business

      Global & Total solution

      • – Nurture global talent and global institution
      • – Value creation targeting customers' needs
      • – Development of unique technology and robust profit


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