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    1. Message from CEO

      Here I would like to share one of the values that are important in the company: 學働悠遊. The phrase ”學働悠遊” (Gaku-Dou-Yu-Yu) was created by our founder, Haruo Shirai, and has been our motto. Each character in the phrase has distinctive meaning and below shows what it means.

      “學働悠遊” (Gaku-Dou-Yu-Yu)

      The message of the phrase “學働悠遊” (Gaku-Dou-Yu-Yu) is to maintain a good balance of these four elements of your life.

      As a CEO of the company, I agree with this motto and would like to nurture corporate culture which can maintain the balance because it’s a key to sustainable growth of the company.

      Since our foundation in 1966, we have contributed to the society by dedicating ourselves mainly to PCB production business. We continue seeking a way to contribute to the society with the spirit of 學働悠遊.

      Shirai Electronics Industrial, Co., Ltd.
      Representative Director, CEO
      Motoharu Shirai

      President, CEO Motoharu Shirai

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