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    1. Privacy Protection Policy

      Shirai Electronics Industrial, Co., Ltd., ("The company") will conduct the following initiatives to respect the privacy of our customers and recruitment information, and will recognize the importance of confidentiality of it, and will be abide by the laws regarding individual information privacy to acquire individual information correctly and manage them safely and precisely.

      1. Definition of privacy information
        Information given by our customers including their address, name, phone number, email address and any other information that can identify our individual customer.
      2. Collection of individual privacy information
        The company collect individual information from our customers to the limited extent that is needed for our use.
        If the company collect information through the internet, the company will ask permission first.
      3. Purpose of privacy information use
        The purpose of the individual privacy information is limited to the following.
        The company will ask permission when the information is used for any purpose other than the following.
        (1) Business contact
        (2) Providing service/products
      4. Management of privacy information
        The company will prevent the privacy information from being illegally obtained, lost, destroyed, manipulated and leaked.
        The information might be provided to our affiliated companies as a part of our service.
      5. Disclosure of privacy information
        The company will not provide customers' privacy information without the following cases.
        (1) Required by the laws
        (2) With the consent of the information holder
        (3) When the company will provide information to the external contractor to accomplish the business purpose
      6. Contact information regarding the individual privacy information
        Please contact us with the following address when you would like to request the inquiry, correction, deletion of the privacy information.

      July, 2011
      Shirai Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
      CEO, Minezo Kotani

      Contact : General Affairs Department
      TEL(077)586-1333 FAX(077)518-0070

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