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    1. Production Process Inspection

      On our production line, not only visual inspection or electricity test but also length measurement, optimal test, x-ray test are implemented.

      Process 1 Film Inspection

      Inspection on the precision of the film.

      Process 2 Hole Position Inspection

      Inspection on the precision of the position of the holes.

      Process 3 X-lay Inner Layer Inspection

      Inspection on the inner layer.

      Process 4 Pattern Inspection

      Inspection on the patterns.

      Process 5 Impedance Measurement

      With combination of automated electric checker and TDR gauge, we meet various needs of our customers for impedance control.

      Process 6 Electric Check

      Automated electric checker

      Using jig to electrically check the circuits.

      Flying Probe Test

      Short/open test for small lot or prototype products. Done for every product.

      Jig Electric Checker

      Using jig for short/open test for huge lot products.

      Process 7 Final Inspection

      Final Visual Inspection

      Using our own product of VISPER (Visual Inspection Machine) since 2001. It eliminates human error and saves labor costs to provide our customer satisfaction.

      Human Visual Inspection

      Mainly for small lot or prototypes.

      Final Product Inspection

      Selected strict final inspection will be implemented to assure 100% quality of our products.

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