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    1. Quality Control / Assurance

      Not to mention for our domestic quality control / assurance, we established high standard of quality control / assurance even in our overseas base by exporting our culture and technique with global expansion of our business.

      One-stop Quality Control System

      Our one-stop management system enables perfect quality control for each and every of our products we deliver to our customers.

      Domestic Support for Our Overseas Products

      For our overseas products, domestic team will help for quality assessment and quality control to assure the quality of our products worldwide.

      Production Process Inspection

      On our production line, not only visual inspection or electricity test but also length measurement, optimal test, x-ray test are implemented.

      Reliability Test

      Several reliable tests are implemented by artificially creating test environment to meet our customers' trust.

      Quality Management System

      We operates on quality management system compatible with international standard.

      ISO 9001 Approved

      • Shirai Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
      • Ohmi High-tech Co., Ltd.
      • Shirai Electronics Trading (Zhuhai) Ltd.
      • Techwise Shirai (Fogang) Circuits Ltd.
      • Techwise Circuits Ltd.

      ISO/TS 16949 Approved

      • Shirai Electronics Trading (Zhuhai) Ltd.
      • Techwise Shirai (Fogang) Circuits Ltd.
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