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    1. Development & Design Support

      PCB Development & Design Support System

      Save your time and labor.

      This is our one-stop solution service for development & design. We save you a lot of time by handling several orders which you handles by yourselves.

      Our System Shortens Development Time, Less Process, Reduce Prototype Production Cost


      Transmission Line Analysis

      Radiation Noise Analysis

      Reduce the labor related to design to save your time.

      • Reduce communication time by footprint management system to obtain component information easier.
      • Transmission line analysis simulation technology is used to assess constant number decision such as damping resistance.
      • Reduce noise assessment time in anechoic chamber or open site by radiation noise analysis technology.
      • Reduce wrong wiring with quality assurance system.
      • Pattern design and prototype production altogether covered to eliminate wrong order.

      Prototype production

      You can reduce the time to spend on prototype production order.

      • Direct delivery of data to the factory for efficient order.
      • Assured quality for every specification from single-sided to HDI.
      • One-stop solution from prototype production to component mounting.

      Component Mounting

      You can order component mounting on behalf of you.

      • Reduce mounting data creation time by monitoring mounter rotation direction management.
      • Fast metal mask production with our expertise on small lot/large variety production.
      • Fast mounting with our fast, quality mounter.
      • With our established inspection method on visual inspection and x-ray inspection, we maintain our quality.

      Sample Case

      Sample Case
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