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    1. Wide Variety of Production Range

      Flexible production management in our global locations

      Domestic Production

      R&D Center

      Development and sales of PCB automated visual inspection machine and special PCBs

      Mikami Factory

      Environmental-friendly smart factory with high precision lithographic process

      Moriyama Factory

      Precise drilling factory with our original efficient in-line method

      PCB Development Service Department

      From design to lithography production for small to medium quantity

      Yasu Control Center

      Control center where handles purchase division

      Toba Factory

      Mass production factory with screen printing process

      Engineering Center

      Development and prototype production of automated visual inspection machine and other solution products

      Ohmi High-tech

      Outline processing, short open test, final inspection company

      Overseas Production

      Shirai Electronics Technology (HK) Ltd.

      Financial and distribution center of our overseas operation

      Shirai Electronics Technology (HK) Ltd.

      Our overseas PCB mass production center

      Shirai Electronics Technology (Zhuhai) Ltd.

      Another mass production center mainly handles double-sided and multi-layer PCB

      Other OEM factories

      We have various OEM factories for mass PCB production

      Short Lead-Time Prototype Production

      With our long time experience of EX system (fast delivery production), we fully support your product development.

      1. EX System On-time support for urgent prototype 2.Small Lot Production Available Flexible support to meet variety of needs 3. Total Support Provide total development solution
      Design, PCB production, component mounting to be done by different manufactures...It is hard to control the delivery time with lots of process to be done
      If you order everything to Shirai (PDS)...You can just order once, and we will care the rest.
      Double-sided through hole PCB 22 hours at the fastest! 4 layer through hole PCB 3 day working time, 4th day delivery complete For your convenience, Mounting on Saturdays and Sundays available

      Above are mainly for prototypes. Amount, specification, process may affect the delivery time so please contact our sales anyways!

      Service of PCB Development Service Department

      Delivery Time

      PCB Specification Delivery Time
      Single-sided 1 day interval
      Double-sided 1 day interval
      4 Layer 2 days interval
      4 Layer IVH 4 days interval
      PCB Specification Delivery Time
      6 Layer 3 days interval
      6 Layer IVH 4 days interval
      Silver Through Hole 3 days interval
      4 Layer Permanent Filled Hole 3 days interval
      • Above L/T will change depending on amount/specification of PCB, please ask our sales.
      • 1 day delivery time by express delivery area only.
      • Our business calendar days apply.

      Contact Us

      PCB Development Service Department Sales Division

      TEL : 049-225-2246 (Direct Line)

      We can accept the data at 21:00 at the latest (please inform us beforehand)

      Entry Condition

      Please send us PO and specification first (by 17:00)

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